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JA Architects is an Australian design consultancy that has been contributing to Queensland and Northern NSW’s built environment for more than 50 years. JA Architects has a multi-regional focus in providing architecture, interior design and masterplanning services to clients.

We have extensive knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of project types. We work with our clients to ensure they are presented with value added solutions, achieving quality outcomes for the end users and communities. Our clients live, learn, work and play in the environments we create, so JA Architects is dedicated to providing the most innovative and inspiring results for them.
At JA Architects, we have the ability to work within strict time frames, tight budgets and with various specialist consultants on a wide range of procurement methods.



When you enlist the services of JA Architects, you are entrusting us with the future of your project and we take that trust very seriously. We are serious about your project and we are serious about good architecture, no matter what sector, scope or budget.

Our services include Architecture, Interior Design & Master Planning  

JA Architects has extensive experience in the development and delivery of sophisticated spaces that respond to our clients’ briefs and incorporate site contextual issues. Our designs are based on effective, efficient and innovative concepts, to ensure any proposed facility is fit for purpose, of high quality, environmentally respectful and good value.

Public Liability Insurance:                 Vero Insurance Ltd $20,000,000

Professional Indemnity Insurance:  Vero Insurance Ltd $10,000,000

Workers Compensation:                    WorkCover by Statute




Jonathan Briggs - Director

Jonathan Briggs is one of JA Architect's Directors, based in Brisbane. With over 30 years in the architectural industry, Jonathan is highly experienced in a diverse range of project types. His methodology for project design and delivery begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s needs through brief interrogation and understanding.  Site context, sense of place, functional planning of spaces, climatic design, innovative use of appropriate materials and buildability are all instrumental to his design process.



ESD Policy

At JA Architects, the concept of sustainability and how we can individually and collectively contribute towards it is a crucial consideration in every design. The ability to apply environmentally sustainable principles into architecture that also teach future generations of the importance of such innovation is an opportunity not to be missed.

Whilst energy and renewable technologies are crucial parts of sustainability, there are a number of other areas which also need to be addressed to ensure that a project is sustainable. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Water conservation

  • Recycling, emissions

  • Air quality and the indoor environment quality

JA Architect's approach to sustainability in design is to provide an integrated solution that is completely designed and engineered into the project. We have developed a number of tools which provide a detailed analysis of the impact of renewable technologies on the project that can be employed during the early stages of projects; for example, prior to the completion of planning submission.

The output from these tools, which form the basis of a detailed Energy Strategy Report, include:

  • Capital cost

  • Energy savings

  • Maintenance and running costs

  • Feasibility for the project

  • Carbon savings

This Energy Strategy Report will form part of our team’s service at an early stage in the project and means that the team will be able to move forward with certainty very quickly. We believe in a clear and up-front approach to sustainability and renewable technologies.